Creative Entrepreneur


Financial Planning for Creative Entrepreneurs


Professionals in arts and creative industries expect to work long and hard to perfect their craft and build a successful career, whether it be in visual arts, theatre, music, film or design. 

However, many creative entrepreneurs lack a comprehensive strategy to ensure they are well prepared to achieve their financial goals over the long term. In addition, working in the creative fields presents a unique set of financial challenges such as fluctuating income patterns, job mobility and lack of access to employer sponsored benefit programs.

Using a holistic approach, we build financial plans that are tailored to each client's specific situation so creative entrepreneurs feel confident about their future and empowered to pursue exciting professional opportunities.

Our process is driven by each client's financial goals and challenges. We work together to develop a road map that allows clients to make educated decisions, with a team of "financial therapists" there to guide them as things change throughout their career.