Financial Strategies for Women




Our practice specializes in helping women in all stages of life to achieve their financial goals.

Throughout their lifetimes women face different obstacles than men—all with unique financial implications. To begin with, women will live longer. Many experience interruptions from paid work to care for children or an aging relative resulting in a loss of wages, health insurance and other job benefits, and reduced retirement savings and Social Security benefits.

  • Women in the U.S. live extra-long lives, and these “bonus” years may be a blessing of extra living, but also have their costs, including that women’s resources must last an extra-long time.
  • They have greater health care affordability issues because they are less likely to be insured or to be adequately and reliably insured. 
  • Women are also more likely to provide long-term care, with a cost impact in lost wages, and ultimately on Social Security benefits and pensions. Furthermore, they are more likely to need long-term care themselves, and typically cost more than men.
  • Finally, women have significantly lower annual retirement incomes than men.